CaixaBank Asset Management Cookies Policy

The website of CaixaBank Asset Management, SGIIC, S.A.U. (hereinafter, "CaixaBank AM") uses cookies and other files with a similar functionality (hereinafter, "cookies").

We want to inform you clearly and precisely about the cookies we use, detailing below, among other things, what a cookie is, what types of cookies we use, for what purposes and how you can configure or disable them if you wish

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are devices that allow information to be stored and retrieved from the user's device when browsing a website, for example, to allow it to function or to learn about your browsing habits in order to improve your experience on future visits.

The purpose of cookies is described in the section entitled "Purpose of cookies / configuration and rejection of cookies".

We use session cookies on this website

Session cookies are cookies designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a website. They are used to store information temporarily during a browsing session.

2. Purposes of the cookies / configuration and rejection of cookies

We use technical cookies on this website to enable the website to function (e.g. for authentication and identification of users or for security purposes).

We also use our own cookies as set out below. If you do not accept any of them, your experience on our website will be limited with respect to the purposes specified in this section, but we want to give you full control so that you can decide at all times.

OUR OWN COOKIES: cookies where CaixaBank AM is responsible for the information. We use our own cookies on this website for the following purposes:

Click 'Save and Continue' to save the chosen configuration.

If you save without ticking a box, this means that you reject cookies.

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3. Disabling or deleting cookies

Most web browsers allow users to manage their cookie preferences whenever they want. You can set your browser to refuse cookies or delete certain cookies at your discretion.

To configure cookies, you can consult the instructions offered by different browsers through the following links:

Some of the content of is only available if you give permission to install cookies on your browser. If you decide not to accept or block certain cookies, depending on their purpose, this may entirely or partly affect the normal operation of the website, since some cookies, as indicated in "Purpose of our own cookies / configuration and rejection of cookies", serve these purposes.

4. Information on data processing

Data controller

The data controller is CaixaBank AM, whose full name and contact details are as follows

CaixaBank Asset Management SGIIC, S.A.U.
CIF: A08818965
Dirección: Paseo de la Castellana 189, 28046 - Madrid

Legal basis for processing

Your consent to the use of cookies means that we can process your browsing data for the purposes indicated under "Purposes of own our cookies / Configuration and rejection of cookies".

You can configure and reject the use of cookies, and thus exercise your right to withdraw your consent, at "Purpose of our own cookies / configuration and rejection of cookies". You can also disable or delete cookies as indicated at "Disabling or deleting cookies".

Data processed

If you consent to the use of cookies, we will process the following data:

Own cookies:

  • Personalisation
    • We will save your preferred cookie settings
    • The information to be displayed will be configured depending on the option chosen for the type of customer ("Institutional" or "Private").

Data recipients

CaixaBank AM may communicate the data collected to public authorities and bodies, in order to comply with a required legal obligation, as well as to service providers and third parties necessary for the management and execution of cookies.

Storage period

Data obtained through the use of cookies accepted by the user will be retained for a period of 12 months.

Transfers outside the European Economic Area

At CaixaBank AM we process your data within the European Economic Area and, in general, we contract service providers also located within the European Economic Area or in countries that have been declared to have an adequate level of protection.

If we need to use service providers who carry out processing outside the European Economic Area or in countries that have not been declared as having an adequate level of protection, we will ensure that we guarantee the security and lawfulness of the processing of your data.

To ensure this, we require adequate guarantees from these service providers in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation such that they have, for example, binding corporate rules that guarantee the protection of data in a manner similar to that established in European standards or that they subscribe to the European Union's standard clauses.

You can request a copy of the appropriate guarantees required by CaixaBank AM from these suppliers by contacting the Data Protection Officer at

Data Protection Officer contact details

CaixaBank AM has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who will be available to answer any questions regarding the processing of your personal data and the exercise of your rights.

You can contact the Data Protection Officer to send them your suggestions, queries or complaints at the following link

Exercise of rights

You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition, erasure, limitation and portability of your personal data, and to withdraw your consent and not be subject to automated decision-making, in accordance with the law.

You can request to exercise these rights through any of the following channels:

In addition, if you have any complaint arising from the processing of your data, you can address it to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (

Review of the cookie policy

We will review the Cookie Policy annually, unless there are regulatory or other requirements that make it necessary to adapt the Policy less frequently. Users are therefore advised to consult its contents regularly.

When significant changes are made to this Cookie Policy, the user will be notified by means of an information notice on the website.