Discretionary Management

Gestión Discrecional

A client’s trust is the best investment

Through the Discretionary Management service clients can place their trust in us to manage their investments. The service is provided on the basis of a discretionary portfolio management contract, subject to a suitability assessment.

With this management solution, we offer the client a specialised team with extensive knowledge of all kinds of investments. We adapt to the risk profile of each investor, creating a tailor-made and highly flexible portfolio, because we have access to a wide range of investment instruments and can swiftly respond to all market situations. In addition, we maintain constant communication with the client to remain up to date with their objectives.

In order to safeguard our customers’ interests, at CaixaBank Asset Management SGIIC, S.A.U., we have a Best Execution Policy which governs our actions and a conflict of interest policy.

You can also view our report about the identity of intermediaries and the quality of the executions performed in Discretionary Portfolio Management.

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