Strategic Lines

CaixaBank Asset Management is rolling out the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan, "Continue to start again - Connect to keep moving forward", and has set out the main objectives set out, such as: “the need to consolidate the projects undertaken in recent years, to lay the foundations in a way that is always consistent, to continue building and remaining committed to quality, with our ability to continue growing, to be close to our customers, putting them centre stage to create and to believe in what we do and what we want…”

We are guided by the corporate values of quality, trust and social commitment, but we are developing our vision to 2024, seeking:

  • To be profitable for our shareholders.
  • To offer an efficient service model, tailored to the needs and preferences of our customers.
  • To be a benchmark for sustainability at national level.
  • To become the preferred asset management company to work with.

In the following video Juan Bernal, CEO of CaixaBank AM, summarizes what the roadmap will be in this new Strategic Plan

Strategic lines of the CaixaBank AM 2022 - 2024 Plan


1. To be profitable for our shareholders, maintaining our national leadership.

  • Diversifying income sources
  • Launching new solutions tailored to our customers' needs


2. Developing to achieve an efficient customer model.

  • Providing the best customer experience
  • Offering a comprehensive value proposition


3. A benchmark sustainable asset management company at the national level.

  • Expanding the range of sustainable solutions
  • Continue with the commitment made on climate change


4. Strengthen the organisational capacity of CaixaBank AM.

  • Improving the employee experience
  • Integrating new tools that increase process efficiency