SRI Solutions

At CaixaBank Asset Management we offer solutions that provide the highest return on investment.

In the case of Socially Responsible Investment, the investor obtains both financial benefit and the personal satisfaction of supporting initiatives or companies who are looking to make a better world.

Socially Responsible Investment is underpinned by our usual committee structure, but also combined with ASG criteria and conventional financial criteria.

For each company and Investment Fund we analyse and evaluate the ability to have a positive impact on different areas: environmental, social, and good corporate governance (ASG pillars or criteria).

Through our Discretionary Portfolio Management service we offer customers solutions with ASG criteria in their mandate (SRI Portfolios).

Microbank Fondo Ético, FI is an SRI fund that was created in 1999 and is one of the first SRI funds in Spain. In addition to making an ethical investment, it is a solidarity fund, which gives part of the management fee to a series of NGOs or nonprofit entities. Awarded as Best Solidarity Fund 2018, by Expansión-Allfunds Premios Fondos de Inversión.