Investment Process

Our strategic action is based on the values of the CaixaBank group: “creating for the customer, closeness, transparency, flexibility, efficiency, responsibility and security.”

Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) aims to maximise long-term profitability for investors, while also benefiting society.

At CaixaBank Asset Management we systematically integrate ESG criteria into our investment process. Our decision-making processes rely on both ESG and more traditional financial criteria.

To develop our investment solutions we employ professionals who are familiar with the latest concerns and trends in relation to the environment, health, inclusive employment, and so forth, to offer investments that provide profitability at all levels and reflect the Principles for Responsible Investment.


  • Applying ESG criteria to the investment decision-making process





  • Exclusion criteria adopted by the SRI Committee.
  • Analysis of disputes.
  • Selection of third-party managers who embrace ESG criteria.





  • Selection of the best companies and funds with ESG criteria.